WHERE NNAMDI KANU GOES, IGBO BLOOD ALWAYS FLOWS Ndi Igbo of SE, who cursed you with all this “Biafra” juju? Small Namdi Kanu, rusticated from Nsukka for serious cultism without achieving a degree, an uneducated failed barber who manipulated his way to get British citizenship, who uses juju fetish on the words “Biafra” and “Biafran” to drag you into his net, is the one you allow to destabilize and destroy AlaIgbo? WHY? Where Nnamdi Kanu goes, Igbo blood always flows. That’s the Nnamdi Kanu MO. Nnamdi Kanu did very clearly say “Igbo” is cursed but “Biafra” is to him good, superior and wonderful! Biafra that is not an Igbo word and that brought death and defeat upon Igbo? That is what Nnamdi Kanu wants to turn Igbo land inti, turn it Into his Biafra. So death and defeat is the portion he has for you and your future. Here are Nnamdi Kanu’s words: “…… the word “Igbo” is a cursed word. Go and ask yourself what we have achieved using the word “Igbo” before….. Tell me what you have achieved under the banner of Igbo I-G-B-O? One thing? It is nothing!.... You see them with red cap all over the place…. The reason they are running [away] is because they have “Igbo” to their name….” Nnamdi Kanu and a caller to his radio show then begin to praise Biafra and Biafrans. Then Nnamdi Kanu said: “….. Igbo ancestors did nothing…” Listen to about the first 10 minutes (or less) to hear that Biafran Nnamdi Kanu cursing and insulting Igbos. Blessedom TV video Nnamdi Kanu Biafra-juju is working on you SE Igbos. You can see that it will not work on Rivers state Igbos and on Ikwerre. And it will not work on Anioma Igbos. We reject “Biafra”, “Biafran” and “Biafra land”. We want our self-determination but reject any unnecessary death for our people which is the only product Nnamdi Kanu has. Yoruba are seriously following the Alliance pathway of Constitutional Force Majeure to decommission the 1999 Constitution using international law and intelligence, to get self-determination for each ethnic nationality of South and Middle Belt. Similar to how Blacks in South Africa decommissioned their Apartheid Constitution. Nnamdi Kanu is safe abroad. It is obvious he is being paid to bring death upon Igbos. Those who promote and assist him are also safe abroad like Simon Ekpa, Aloy Ejimakor, and Maiyegun. IPOB/ESN is proscribed as a terrorist group so anywhere they are, military, navy and air force can shoot them on sight. That is the way it is! Until those of you who see Nnamdi Kanu as your hero, get IPOB proscription removed, that is how it will be. Nnamdi Kanu is not interested in doing that. He is safe abroad, and to him "Igbo" is cursed. Plus he is being paid for his anti-Igbo works. Then ask yourself, why do IPOB/ESN stay in Igbo towns/cities when they know that in Nigeria it is "shoot on sight" for them? It is because they are under Biafra-juju and listen only to the voice of their ritualist controller Nnamdi Kanu so they don't care that their presence in our towns like Emene, Obigbo, Orlu etc means Igbo will be in danger of being killed. Where Nnamdi Kanu goes, Igbo blood always flows. Where Nnamdi Kanu goes, Igbo blood always flows. Where Nnamdi Kanu goes, Igbo blood always flows. Where Nnamdi Kanu goes, Igbo blood always flows. Where Nnamdi Kanu goes, Igbo blood always flows.

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