My Friend's Wife Just Told Him That Their First Daughter Is Not His.


My friend is heartbroken at the moment. They have been having issues for over a year now. Though, my friend could not confirm if the recurring problem is related to the issue of the paternity of the child. I once went down to settle them, while I was still in the country. My friend is a Naval personnel and they live in one of the Military camps in Abuja along Dutse Alhaji-Kubwa axis. Each time, he wished he was not a Military personnel and not living in the barracks, he would've "beaten the hell out of her". It is obvious personnel cannot touch their wives while in the barracks. The wife knows this and puts up very nasty behaviour, including raining insults and physical abuses on him. On Friday, he decided that the woman would travel to their home town, since she just gave birth to their third child about two months ago, so that their parents could assist with the child. Actually, that was his way of getting rid of the woman temporarily. But the woman also knew. She collected the whole money needed for the journey and other things and accepted she would travel. The journey was scheduled for Saturday 20th February, 2021. So, my friend woke up prepared them, said his goodbyes and left very early for work as usual. The moment he left, the wife went to commander in charge of the wing of the barracks and reported my friend that he was chasing her out of the house, leaving her stranded. And all other lot of nasty things. The Military had to summon him back from the office. On reaching the gates, his colleague, though a junior, but Military Police accosted him and want to arrest him, so slapped the guy and he was thrown I to the guard room. After spending hours and was released for settlement, that was when the woman released the bombshell. She said, their 13 year old daughter is my friend's, in a bid to hurt him so much. She said that her conscience was disturbing her since and that if my friend insisted that she leaves, she must leave with the girl. My friend has been crying since. The truth is that, he knew from the day the child was born, we have discussed the physical features of the child as against their remaining children. I also suspected, but the love for the girl blinded my friend from taking action from 13 years ago. To make matters worst, the Military said my friend remains responsible for the whole family, whether they were with him or not. That they would set up a fund from his salary that would go directly to the woman for the care of the children. I don't know how possible that is. Bu the man is very hurting.

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