5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Dreadlocks

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It is a common saying that your hair speaks a lot about who you are and those who carry dreadlocks make the loudest roar. Dreadlock is just another cool hairstyle that both sexes can rock. Most times, the hair is long and free to move around. The locks could be natural or artificial which can be achieved by the hair matting and knotting. Dreadlocks remain prevalent among Nigerians and the sweet thing is that you can weave dread to whatever style you want. A lot of people have different dispositions about people wearing this hairstyle. Some see them as crazy, rough junkies (which are not always true), some believe it to be their strength and consequently their weakness if cut off while some believe the hair do to be of spiritual purpose (which is also not always true) and some for cultural or traditional reasons. These beliefs are different to people and can be personalized. Traditionally, dreadlock is called DADA which means people who were born with locked hair or people who grow them for specific purposes. The hairdo has gained ground with both men and women in Nigeria and top celebrities from fashion, music and movie industries are recreating a signature look with their hairstyle. Asa is rocking it, Bob Marley stands out in it among others who have gained attention with their dreads. For those who are on dreadlock, here are five simple ways to care for it. You need to get a good Locktician. Having a good locktician is very important especially if you are in the beginning stage of growing locs. A good locktician would give you awesome advice on the products to use for your hair and the size of you should twist because it determines the width of your final locs.

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