To Sue A Woman For Murder For Rejecting Caesarian Operation


looking at the possibility of charging a patient to court for neglecting his medical counsel which led to the demise of her unborn child. During antenatal scan, It was discovered she had a narrow pelvic region and her foetus was wider and larger. She was warned that her refusal to adhere to medical advice would cause serious harm to herself and the unborn child. She rejected medical counsel on Religious ground. She signed s document acknowledging medical warning and her preference to go into labour naturally. During antenatal, she admitted to taking tramadol twice and Alcoholic drink on few occasion. This endangered the life of the fetus. How can the doctor force the family to get an autopsy on the dead child so that the cause of death could be legally linked. Since abortion is an offense in Nigeria,the fetus has the same legal right allocated to a born child. We can say that her negligence to heed to medical warning led to the death of the child. In other words, she murdered her own child. Any hope of success?

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