Girls And Drama!


A friend of mine always goes on and on quipping about how much he hates drama. I always told him I couldn't help but wonder how much drama he had experienced in his life for it to top his list of turn-offs. Today, he shared with me some things he considers dramatic, and I quite agree they are dramatic and females guilty of lots of those things need to do better. *My Description of Drama* I am one who abhors drama in relationships and today I decided to pen down my understanding of drama. More like a description of different behaviours that I tag dramatic: 1. When there is a misunderstanding, instead of seeking to understand and forge peace, you start fireworks, run to social media and be dropping hints, shading your partner... 2. When you have offended your partner, you fail to admit your faults, rather you start playing victim and guilt-tripping your partner. 3. When you have done something wrong, you wait for your partner to apologise before you utter your "I am sorry too" 4. When you need some attention, you pick a fight rather than say you will like to spend some quality time 5. Whenever there is a misunderstanding, you always threaten to break up or walk away just so you can be begged and pampered. 6. When you always resort to retaliating every wrong done to you by your partner. 7. When there is a misunderstanding, you go on a blocking spree across all digital media platforms 8. When you always seek to be understood and your views accepted but when your partner seeks understanding you start fighting and creating problems 9. When you deliberately start a fight or quarrel in order to mask your guilt 10. When you step out with your partner and because of a wrong thing said or done innocently, you cancel plans on the way and start insisting, perhaps even shouting, that you be taken back home then when the instruction is about to be obeyed, you say "so you are really about to turn around"? 11. When you pick your partner's phone deleting numbers or going on social media page fighting every opposite sex contact being engaged with. 12. Hitting your partner first then crying to gain sympathy of others claiming you were physically abused 13. Feigning sickness when your partner's friends visit so that he doesn't get to spend time with them but rather come into the room and be with you. 14. Causing commotion at home or in public because a request made to your partner hasn't been granted 15. Presenting options of shoes and clothes to your partner and requesting he/she makes a choice on your behalf and when he/she does, you pick a fight because you don't like the options picked or they don't suit what you had in mind 16. Treating our partners' friends and families coldly because we and our partners have issues. 17. Flaunting another opposite sex on social media to spite your partner after having a quarrel. 18. Making noise or moving around the house in front of your partner just to get his attention instead of telling him you'd like to talk. I could go on and on... Both sexes can be guilty of many of this by the way.

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