Is This Real?


My sister, who is a nurse wants to relocate to either US or Canada. Well, she has few friend of hers who are in UK and US but she doesn't really understand so much how they managed to (she assume these her friends are not too generous with the information she thinks she need). Although she understands that of the UK (according to her), but she doesn't like relocating over there. She had been to the US before in year 2012 for a particular training, but when she applied for visa again in '18 she got denied. Now she texted me last night to inform me about an information she had. It is about a particular firm "Worldwide Healthstaff Solutions Limited". She wanted to know if I have heard of it before. Well, I haven't, but I haven't heard of quite a lot of things, so I checked the website and the CEO's profile on LinkedIn, seems legit though...but I'm not giving a verdict yet. Now I decided it may pay some dividend if I put this on the forum for enlightenment, thank you.

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