Dear Gov Udom Emmanuel; I Will Say Your Name


DEAR GOV UDOM EMMANUEL: I WILL SAY YOUR NAME PART1 By Umani Uwemedimo He came at a clip the nation's economy was dwindling; some states were struggling, and even unable to pay worker's wages, while some had slashed theirs due to this unfortunate tumble of our nation's economy. But in his case, he didn't only endow on workers their necessary privileges, but had also ensured that the state in which he he came to see becomes a destination for tourists, investors, and even a residence for all, and etcpp. His plan when he came was to leave the state better than he had met it, and today, he has done just that. Therefore when antecedent is traced, I will not hesitate to say your name; Deacon Udom Emmanuel Gabriel. Hitherto, from a core civil service dependent state, Mr. Udom Emmanuel has turned Akwa Ibom state to an industrial hub, and employer of labor. As of today, not fewer than 20 industries are operating within the shores of the state, while numerous ones are still forthcoming. It will interest you to note that in each of these industries, a greater percentage of people are gainfully employed directly and indirectly. The many wonders of the workaholic governor in industrializing the state is the birth of the Jubilee Syringe Manufacturing company in Onna local government area of the state. From statistics, almost 16billions syringes were before now imported by the Nigerian government on a yearly, amounting to about three billion, eight hundred million naira (N3.8bn). With Jubilee Syringe Manufacturing company, 85% of the money has been channeled to procuring syringes from Akwa Ibom state. Not only that this company has created jobs for the people, it has also increased direct foreign investment in the state. For the fact that this Akwa Ibom made syringes are used in Africa and Eastern part of the world, it has attracted foreign exchange which in turn has cushion the effect of recession in the state and country. We procure the syringes at subsidized rate here in our land, and the company in turn pay their tax to the government. It therefore becomes a win win scenario for the state and Nigeria at large, unlike before. Therefore, I will say your name, Mr. Governor Udom Emmanuel whenever and wherever I find our Jubilee Syringe. During the official inauguration of the paper pulp factory in Itu local government area of the state late last year, Governor Udom maintained that the automobile assembly factory located in the same community will be commissioned this year, 2021. This will be the first automobile assembly factory in the South South geopolitical zone, and one of the biggest in West Africa. For the people of the state not to be found wanting when the state-of-the-art automobile assembly factory is commissioned, twenty (20) Akwa Ibomites will be sent to Israel for training. This training is to acquaint them with the necessary techniques needed to perfectly assemble the diverse types of vehicles that will be produced there at the factory. The training in Israel will be in batches. The vehicle assembly plant will not only create thousands of direct and indirect jobs for Akwa Ibomites, it will also contribute immensely to the boom of the state's economy. The money spent on the procurement of vehicles abroad by the government which in return, the government does not gain, will be eradicated. Government will now procure vehicles at subsidized rates from the factory which is situated in the state, and the company in return pays their tax to the state government. This is another win win process for the state. By the time this factory is officially inaugurated, and whenever I see these our state produced vehicles anywhere, I will say your name, Gov. Udom Emmanuel. The rice processing mills in the state have saved millions of life during the lockdown and subsequently in the yuletide. A bag of rice was sold at forty eight thousand naira (N48,000) in other states, but here in Akwa Ibom, that was not the case. A bag of same commodity was sold at a giveaway price of twenty two thousand naira at the Agricon warehouse in the state. Dear governor Udom Emmanuel, you've made life easy and worthwhile for even the poorest of the poor. Whenever I am anywhere, I will say your name. Umani Uwemedimo, a public affairs analyst writes this piece from Midim clan, Abak LGA of Akwa Ibom state.

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