Re: I Bought My Third Jet During COVID-19 Pandemic, Apostle Suleman Boasts


Re: I bought my third jet during COVID-19 pandemic, Apostle Suleman boasts - "The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman, says he bought his third jet during the raging COVID-19 pandemic which pushed the country into an economic recession." "The cleric further stated that he was praying for the pandemic not to end because he was prospering and resting." Mee: When Karl Marx declared that "Religion is the opiate of the masses" this is what he meant. Most of the Extremely rich Nigerian Pastors have private Jets with Extremely poor congregation. Nigeria has the record of most Christian Pastors with private Jets in the world. Religion is a multi-million dollars industry in Nigeria. Do you know how much a private Jet cost? Do you know how much to fuel a private Jet? Do you know how much to pay for parking a private Jet? Do you know how much to service and maintain a private Jet? This is Guy is boasting that he has three (3)! And Apostle Suleman is not a business man. He is not one of our notorious treasury looters. He buys these 3 private Jets from the daily offerings of his church in the name of God. Yes, using God's money to buy 3 private Jets! And to add salt to injury he is praying for the pandemic not to end because "he was prospering and resting". How Wicked!!! #ElbinawiTweets

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