Man Arrested For Having Sex With Chicken At Motel

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Man Arrested For Having Sex With Chicken At Motel Michael Bessigano was arrested after a lot of blood and feathers were found all over in his hotel room by the cleaning lady. All the investigating police needed to hear was that Michael Bessigano had been staying in the room the night before. Well, that was all they needed to know before they found the dead chicken. Michael likes to paint cat-like stripes on his body and refer to himself as “the master of cats.” ”But this was a chicken not a cat?” Michael apparently doesn’t discriminate. Michael Bessigano is a habitual animal abuser. Bessigano's animal abuse dates back to 1991 when he was arrested twice, once after being accused of breaking a rooster's neck that had rejected his advances and once after he was found in a neighbor's goose pen apparently attempting to get some of the geese in the mood by molesting them. He was also accused of having sex with and killing a Rottweiler dog at a rural Crown Point ranch in 1992. For that he was convicted of theft and cruelty to an animal, and was imprisoned until 1994. Only a month after his release, he was arrested in connection with the attempted theft of a German shepherd from some property in St. John Township. He claims that since he was a small child he has bleeped everything from dead animals to a raccoons. He freely admitted to the police that he killed the chicken while fucking it. He faces 7 ½ years in prison if convicted of both charges. That is, if the DNA test and the signed confessions hold up in court. You never know what is going to happen when you are dealing with gray areas like animal sexual abuse. I mean, honestly, how do we know that the chicken didn’t want some action that night? Maybe the chicken was making passes at him and then at the last moment changed its mind and said no before Bessignano could stop himself? I can’t distinguish between the delicate intricacies between the way an animal looks at you when it wants you to pet it, and when it wants you to Bleep it in the ass. Apparently people like Michael can. What was that chicken doing in his room at 4am anyway? You think that chicken didn’t know when she went into Bessigano's room at 4am what Bessignano wanted? Come on? I don’t think this case is as open and shut as you may think. I think it is probably a badge of honor back on the farm to say that you were anal raped by the Master of Cats. All I am saying is that a case like this leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

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