Guys, Reasons Why No Babe Is Rushing You

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Na dem dey rush us, na dem dey rush us... but no one is even crawling towards you. Here are reasons why. It’s the trendy thing to say, following the circulation of a clip from an old Nigerian movie where a guy [who isn’t so good-looking, by the way] says with a laughable pomposity that; “fine boys like us, we, we no dey too look for women like that, na dem dey rush us, na dem dey rush us," It’s a hilarious clip with a catchy sentence and has gone viral. So every Tom, Dick and Harry is jumping on the bandwagon, claiming that women are chasing him but in reality not so many guys are being chased, or even being crawled towards. For a guy in this category, wondering why no babe is rushing him, here are five reasons why: 1. You’re jobless And of course, broke. If you are like this, chances are that no one will rush you. It’s true that there are women who are not about the money but even those won’t be too pleased to be with a guy who has no [legit] job. So if you are hardworking and enterprising some will still rush you even if you are broke. But that is on the condition that you don’t run afoul of the things listed below… 2. You don’t respect women You won’t be rushed if you don’t respect women. If you are the type who doesn’t have the right manner of approach, if you are not kind and gentle and treat women right, they’ll stay away from you. Even if you have good looks and that brings them into the yard for a while, it won’t be long before your disrespect and character flaws send them packing. Women don’t rush guys who are disrespectful. No wonder you are still single. 3.Your social skills is zero You need to grow your social skills, too. Talking, communicating, meeting people for the first time and leaving great impressions on them… you need to know this. Your lack of this is probably why you are not being rushed. 4. Your grooming isn't on point As simple as this sounds, you may be falling short of it and that’s why no woman is rushing you, or even coming close to you at all. Body odour, mouth odour, disregard for appearance… all this ensures that women hurry away from you, not towards you. The only thing wey dey rush you… na germs and flies. 5. You're not confident There is a level of confidence of required to get women running after you. Until you attain that level of self assurance, you may never attract women. It is important to be in a mental space which makes you feel sufficient and confident in yourself without coming across as proud. If you can project confidence enough without being pompous, there's a high chance women will be drawn to you.

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