Majority Of Men Are Under A Spell That Favors Women


Take away sex from the male-female equation and you will see a reality never seen before. Our Creator made men physically stronger but equally made women seductively appealing by installing in men an organ that makes it difficult for them to resist women. Men think they actually control the world but in reality women are the ones in control. This organ under the mercy of women has caused wars, betrayals and destroyed lives. As long as men fail to break themselves from this spell, they will always be under the control of women and as long as you are under their control, you will never arrive at your full potential. Many men with high potentials have lost opportunities, wasted their lives and lost focus just because of this spell. Good news is you can break off from this spell, you only need to program your mind and believe you are enough and the only thing that truly matters is fulfilling quality lifegoals. You must derive pleasure in abhorring all sexual desires - yes you can . If you are interested in learning methods to achieve this goal, reply with "interested" and I would privately share with you powerful tips.

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