Make Your First Earning As A Freelancer


My first article, rejected My second article, rejected Third... and the list goes on Maybe I was born to broke I remembered when I started Freelance writing, I thought Freelancing was about writing poems, motivational quotes and stories until I got my first client and he rejected the work I did another job and it was full of plagiarism. For many months, I did jobs that wasted my time and resources and I didn't make a dime. I was fustrated, hopeless, and shattered and almost gave up. At that point, I researched, paid for courses and practiced everything. A week later, I earned ₦20,000 and that's how I started. If you see how I celebrated that 20k en, it was like I was given heaven and earth���. It was because of fustrations of the past wasted efforts. The following week, I did better and I started making six figures writing in my room��. One of my lecturer said I have joined Yahoo boys because I quited the job he recommended for me. I have never been broke again and my clients keep coming for more. Why am I telling you this? If you can write a school exam and pass with D, you're too good to earn from freelance writing. But the problem is you don't know where to start. You have been told to seek for Npower, day care job and other jobs that pay peanut. I have introduced many to freelancing and they're making it currently. I will send their screenshots to you or if your doubt is strong, I will forward their numbers to you. Learn freelancing and earn. You can do this if I can. I know the problem is how to start and that's why I am here. I have decided to teach you the hot cakes niches in Freelancing, how to position yourself as a freelancer, and how to earn from freelancing. I won't leave you till you make your first pay... Guaranteed. Do you want to learn freelancing? Comment below. ����

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