Unilorin Graduate Wrote JAMB Again After 9 Years Of Unemployment


Unilorin graduate wrote JAMB again after 9 years due to depression that emanated from Unemployment! Which way forward in this country called Nigeria? Just this week I stumbled on this young and ambitious guy; I was marvelled on hearing this from him as he narrated his ordeals. Initially, I thought it was a joke, not until he opened up further and even sent proof of his 2020 UTME/JAMB result, with an amazing score of 275. This is someone I know too well for his doggedness, sincerity and loyalty. He’s been engaged in home and evening lessons in Mathematics; and his students have performed excellently well times without number in SSCE and JAMB. This is a subject that he’s very proficient with, right from his school days and no doubt he is doing great in that area. According to him, he chose to take another JAMB with the little savings he had, after several unsuccessful attempts to secure job with his first degree. He worked previously as a part-time Mathematics teacher for good 6 years at a state government owned school, with remarkable results obtained by his students. However, he has since been relieved of this part-time job, all because he has no degree in Education Mathematics. Other opportunities that came his ways as well to teach Mathematics both in Private, State and Federal owned schools had always been turned down, just because he did not study Mathematics or possess a degree in that field of study. As at now, no form of support is coming forth for him, not even from friends or any quarter.

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