Gift Card Depreciates As Bitcoin Rises Day By Day Because Of The Ongoing Nin Reg


As the NIN (NIGERIA IDENTICATION NUMBER/IDENTICATION registration goes on in Nigeria. Dollar rises against naira as a result of the covid19 panthemic in the country , the crowd coming to role in there national identity card gets its medical kit and covid19 panthemic prevention to avoid the spread of the virus in Nigeria, the federal government made it known that each citizen in the country must role it's number sim card number to it's national identity number in his or her national identity card to avoid blocking of it's line, the federal government has come to conclusion that each covid19 panthemic measures must be insured to avoid the spread of the virus . As a result of this, the central bank of Nigeria has made it known that Bitcoin in dollars increases every day by day and gift card depreciate also. The federal government as a result of this has stop the ongoing NIN registration till further notice as it bankrupts the federal government.

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