Why Am I Ugly


I remember back in primary school. After wearing my uniform my mum will rub powder on my face and tell me I am a handsome boy. Other times she will tell me I am a fine boy. Even though I didn't really understand what it means deeply, it made me feel happy and confident... Whenever I get to class, the other kids don't want to play with me. All the girls don't want to sit close to me. Why? But when I offer them my biscuits and sweet they eat it and run away after. Why? I always asked myself. Whenever our Aunty in school wants to use anyone as scape goat I am always the first option. Why me God? Why me? When I talk, My head moves backwards and lower, then my mouth open wider than Lagos ibadan express way. "You this ugly boy stop making noise in my class", Aunty Ruth thundered at me! Another boy also called me ugly. But whenever I look in the mirror, I see myself. Unfortunately, the mirror Hates me too. Maybe the mirror is not a lair but when I got to jss1 my head size reduced and I was able to wear the school beret. Ok let me just tell the truth! The school tailor took my own cap measurement separately. I love academics and I always wanted the teachers to see me so I am not a back bencher. Why are the other students saying I should move my head? Our class teacher later told me to change my sit and be sitting at the back. Not because I was obstructing the view of others but that he didn't like my face. Well I don't blame him, my face is not on 1000 naira note and the guy man is always stingy. Now when I think of him sef... Tueh Tueh Tueh. We later heard he gave Agric Aunty belle Now I am older, no lady likes to roll with me even as a brother. No girl wants to give me audience unless I drive Audi or Benz. I can't even find my own sweet Agric Aunty to give belle. To make things worse, I am broke and hungry. Now, even a blind man can see the well of Getsemane on my neck from 12miles off. I have tried to get a job, when I got to the interview my face wasn't that of Leonard Decaprio. My smile wasn't that of Ramsey Noah. How do I fair in sales and marketing coupled with the fact that I don't have a sweet voice and nice fleshy curves. well I have soaked my last two cups of garri. I have no hope whatsoever of anything to eat when morning comes. I am faced with two whahala ugly and hunger.

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