No Amount Of Blackmail And Campaign Of Calumny Would Deter He, Governor Obiano


Will Peter Obi and his pool of hallelujah E-rabbits ever take back their sword of lies, blackmails and organised media attacks on HE, Governor Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano? Obviously, you do not expect them to recline on the couch whist they count their loses, they always wish to push, to further save their Lord and Personal Saviour from being told the plain truth. Just like Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala would say, "Fighting Corruption is Dangerous" because it will always fight back. We have been bathed with acid for daring to the question the inordinate desires of Mr. Peter Obi to control Anambra State like one of his many establishments and install orders that would avail him half of Anambra's wealth to massage his ego even when he has had his time as a Governor. Since jumping ship from APGA to PDP, Mr. Peter Obi and his hallelujah boys have been in the negative grip of HE, Governor Willie Obiano whom Obi believed he made Governor. His only offense was refusing to adorn the toga of a willing tool nor recognize the godfatherism intent of a man who during his term as the Governor terminated possible godfathers after Senator Chris Ngige had destabilised their usefulness in the State. Ndị Anambra all over gave their support for Mr. Peter Obi's unpopular and maladministration just to drive a new order in the State and begin the post godfatherism era, but sadly Obi betrayed the truce and trust only to become the exact definition of an ingrate. Prior to the 2017 Gubernatorial in the State, same Peter Obi was seen jumping from one media platform to another dishing out threats and crying profusely; we all heard him swore to fight HE, Governor Willie Obiano with the last drop of his blood for challenging his Agulu tiny cabals who had wish to clutch on the wishes of discern ndị Anambra. Governor Obiano, indeed stepped in the toes of an infant viper, who would choose to perish than let a lost battle abate nor terminate. Rather than accept his loss, Mr. Peter instead mobilised his hallelujah miscreants led by the rusticated seminarian, Val Obienyem to ensure that Willie Obiano never smells peace of mind while in seat of power; their main intent is to challenge AkpokueDike's audacity, reason they settled for their campaign of calumny from unscrupulous elements to deter HE, Governor Willie Obiano. Another election season is fast approaching, Mr. Peter Obi is still hellbent on testing his popularity at the polls (Surely, we will crush him to the point of No return), his goons have all resumed their numerous blackmails and mudslinging campaigns just to misinform ndị Anambra and discredit Willie Obiano administration for the developments it attracted to the State. Again, I wish to state without mincing words that Governor Willie Obiano since inception as Governor in 2014, has not approached any organization or agency for loan nor grants; the information in the media are not only misleading but few of the many tools of Mr. Peter Obi led pen assassins to create tension and chaos on the State and discredit HE, Governor Willie Obiano. Will Peter Obi ever be bold enough to confess to ndị Anambra the huge Amount he accessed as Governor which are today due for maturity. Mr. Peter Obi accessed more funds from international organisations and other foreign donors more than any other Governor since the history of Anambra State, yet there was No legacy project in the State to his name, the exact questions to ask Obi now is: what happened to the Billions he accessed through Anambra State Government. At least we have information and records of the nonrefundable grant of 25 Million Dollars Obi availed himself while he was the Governor of the State, he should tell ndị Anambra how the state would refund such huge amount. Take it to the bank and quote us anywhere, HE, Governor Willie Obiano has not borrowed a dime as Governor of Anambra State for Seven (7) years now. The misinformation in the media are coordinated Media attacks from doyens of blackmail and mudslinging campaign to garner to themselves cheap political relevance. TO BE CONTINUED

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