Here’s The Importance Of Traditional Caps In Nigerian Men’s Attire

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You will agree that Traditional caps have become more important in Nigerian Men’s attire. Nigeria is a great African country with mixed cultures, languages, traditions and people and from many, We have three main tribes which are the Igbos, Yorubas and Hausa-Fulani. It is a common thing to know that many Nigerian Tribes who wear their unique traditional attire have certain signs attributed to that such as how they dress most especially during key ceremonies and events. Some of these traditional attires are well seen or represented by the unique caps they wear. So here’s why the caps are so important based on their culture. 1. Igbo Culture – Red Cap Generally, when people see the red cap, they are quick to say that these are the Igbo men but not many know their symbol. The Igbo people who are mainly from the South East regions usually wear a popular red cap that indicates authority, tradition, culture and the conferment of a chieftaincy. The Igbo Men that wear red cap are usually addressed by “NZE”, “ICHIE”, “OZO”, “OGBUEFI” and others. Also, The red colour of the caps is a sign of inferno, Agbala (The “Holy Spirit”) and is boldly indicated in the three versions which are the oval cap, the woollen red-white-and-black beenie, and the long red cap usually accessorised with an Eagle’s feather. 2. Yoruba Tribe – Fila The Yorubas are the people mainly from the Southwest states such as Ekiti, Lagos, Oyo, Ondo, Ogun and Osun. Yoruba men usually wear a cap called ‘Fila’, unlike the Igbo caps which are produced from wool. The Yoruba caps can be produced from many different types of material like hand-woven Aso Oke fabrics, Velvet, Cotton or Damask. The Fila does not have any traditional significance but is instead used to compliment Yoruba native attires such as Agbada or Ankara and others. Well, We don’t think the Yoruba Fila has any traditional importance but what we know is that it is used to compliment the Yoruba attires such as Agbada or Ankara and others. An Agbada or Ankara is not complete without the Yoruba Fila.

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