Women Looking For Husband Should Not Hold Strong Opinion About Feminism


Nowadays, no matter what interest I have in a girl or that she has for me, when she starts harping with all seriousness about feminism, support for gender this, gender that..lol..I just switch off. All healthy interest I have for her immediately vanish, all I now seek is to just fvvck her and go, no matter how brilliant, beautiful or well placed in her career or my initial attraction. I see such girls as unserious, manipulative, stubborn, quarell loving and unwise enough for marriage. To me they are not ready for marriage, they only want to get in there for the status and respect marriage accords them..So it's a redflag for me. I don't expect a lady who needs marriage in our Nigeria to be arguing and being so emotional about feminism. Within me I will smile and say..this is another candidate for the bed. I won't even stress myself to know other positive qualities she carries, most times I don't argue with such gals..I usually chip in few comments and don't act like a redpiller or antifeminist....I play along fvvck and when tired I disappear. So I think ladies who are looking for husband should be careful about their speech and emotions when discussing feminism with a potential date or potential boyfriend....Trust me, there are smart men out there than you think who don't give a damn about ya beauty or career. We are only looking for sensible woman that are peace loving.

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