Assumptions They Live With

source: vivoparah

ASSUMPTIONS THEY LIVE WITH Many thoughts runs through their minds when they saw this picture They easily conclude and decide my fate even without reaching out to me How they castigate me, cajole me, insult me and even gave me a dirty name. We live in a world where we only see one phase of a thing and draw our conclusions and even go ahead to pass a clear judgement. We don't care about how the person in question feels, we are too carried away by our thoughts and judge by what we presumed we saw. Hearsays, rumors, gossips and what we chose to believe are the topics of the day. Who cares about your own feelings? Hey they actual don't even know if you exist, that's how we are programed. Careless,arrogant, selfish and very archaic in thoughts are what we are known for and that is why there is so much injustice in our world today. Look beyond the picture and see a selfless person , see a goal getter, see a treasure and see an imperfect human being like you. Appreciate the me that makes me the who I am and extend a hand of friendship than the scorn of hatred you project. Vivsravine speaks © Or messenge me on Facebook on oparah ahunna vivian or jion my Facebook page on Vivsravine page for more on my write ups on life and relationships.

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