DNA Test: Also Check To Know If Your Wife's DNA Matches With Your Kids

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After the FCMB saga, Nigerian men are on a DNA test mission and lots of social media users are advocating secret test. Every man have the right to know if their kids belongs to them or not. Whilst planning for that secret test, it's best to consider your wife before screaming cheating. Make sure you do a DNA test for your wife and the child too eapecially if the child is Male.... Reasons; 1.Some hospital staff swap babies (female for male) at birth. 2. Many Nurses have exchanged babes at birth via mistake or fun as in the case of the Zambia mid wife that confessed to have exchanged thousands of babies in her 15years + career. 3. Some women bought babies without their husband knowledge after long battle with infertility. ..and so many reasons. I wrote a book of how a DNA test ruined a beautiful marriage, and the woman wasn't even the biological mother of the child. Always be totally sure because taking drastic action. An unmatched DNA isn't always the result of Cheating or Adultery. See link to my book; The DNA Test below;

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