The First Christian Night Club In Nigeria


As unbelievable as it may seem, right in Ikeja, in the heart of Lagos, about 15 minutes drive away from the popular Fela Shrine, there's an African/Christian night club and bar. If you are not told, you'll almost not notice the differences besides the type of music the live band plays. I was meant to have done this review since Christmas but work has made the last 2 months very fast. As evening approaches, the place gradually gets full and teeming with people from all categories and walks of life, some know that they're in a Christian night club, while others don't. All your nice delicacies are there though I personally love the fried rice. Suya there is actually very cheap and rich, same with their Olive's shawarma and other African cuisines well peppered. A lot of your celebrities are quite familiar with the place and are regular visitors almost every night. The place takes a 100% African setting with very beautiful African cultural designs from head to toe and palm wine that is praiseworthy . It's located near the gate at ABBA Johnson, at Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja. Open every night 24/7. The name is Kulture Yard.

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