This Is What Happens When A Man Chooses A Woman Over His Own Family


The Sad Tale of Kobe Bryant Don't let his sportsmanship and great achievements fool you, Kobe Bryant is the biggest Simp there is and I'll explain to you why: Kobe made a grave mistake when he chose to ostracize his parents simply because of their disapproval of Vanessa as his wife. They didn't want him marrying a white woman yet he went ahead and married her. The wedding was a desolate, solemn and underwhelming event as only few of Vanessa's family members where in attendance. Kobe married Vanessa alone without the presence of any of his own family members. Not even his team mates were in attendance (thats to tell you the extent of the lack of support he had). Everybody around him knew he was making the mistake of his life. After the wedding, Kobe went ahead and cut his parents off financially (some have speculated this was under the coercion of his wife) so as he ditched his own parents and siblings, he decided to embrace Vanessa's family, even learning Spanish in order to communicate better with them.. he also spared no expense in financing the flamboyant lifestyle of Vanessa's greedy and wicked mother while his own parents suffered so much lack that they resulted to sell his memorabilia for money - of which Kobe sued his parents to court for it. He showed total lack of care and support towards his own parents who raised him and helped made him who he became - until his death. All because: they did not approve of his choice of spouse. Kobe's ENTIRE estate has now been left to his Vanessa and trust me, none of his family members will get a cut out of it since he married Vanessa with no prenup and had no will before his demise. What has become of Kobe's legacy is the fact that two white women (Vanessa and her greedy mother) are now at war with each other on how to share the sweat of a black man while his own parents are left with nothing.

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