How To Become A Master Of Female Orgasm


How do you get really Hot and available all day for you? How do you make her really desire your ''rod'' to part her red sea? This is going to be a series as I can't finish it all in a post... So are you ready for this? OK now 1) Sext her throughout the day: Arousing that chick shouldn't simply start in the bedroom. That will only make it mechanical, non pleasurable, just simply sex. Send her texts, WhatsApp messages even if you're in the same room, it makes you appear romantic and makes her Hot Things like, You're just so hot, if not because we are in the midst of people, I feel ''unearthing'' you now Things like, I've been imagining those sexy curves of yours, I seem not to be able to concentrate as I keep visualizing the wonders of your curves, I'll really love to come in to your empire O boi, just spice am up, No go dey do like Motorola... Make her begin dey imagine the roller coaster herself Shey you grab? 2) Gentle caressing: Don't rush it... There are some weak points, that breaks down her wall of defences, Simple caressing of her ears,it has to be gentle, as if a tiny rat was passing through You could also move your toe gently up her legs, Soft caressing of that curves, be creative oga 3) Take your time removing articles of clothing You could just gently begin to lose her clothing, you're still arousing her, so don't be in a hurry You can then focus on the new revealed part, then softly to her bra, you can softly link her nipples to make her intensely Hot... Most girls find it difficult to resist been Hot at that spot... Arousing her isn't a sprint, it's a marathon Shey you get the gist... Stay tuned for my next post for more Solomon opeyemi

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