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1. Why do you find a graduate without a job (even some with first class and others with 2nd class upper)? The reason is that this is not the era of certificate, but the era of 'entrepreneurship' (what you do with what you know). 2. Why do you see a 65-year old man working as a gate man or security man and another 65-year old man living a luxurious life? (Imagine, they both finished from the same school)! What were the opportunities Mr A said "No" to but which Mr B said "Yes" to during their youthful days? Think of the word "POOR" - Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly... 20 years from now, your kids will be eating or starving from the decisions or lack of decisions you make today... "Success is Deliberate" Poverty is also Deliberate 3. Why are people succeeding at the same thing you said you cannot be successful at? ...Success is a Mindset... Poverty is also a mindset... When you see a young man that is successful, He says he is self made billionaire. Have you ever seen anyone that says I am a self made poor man? The answer is NO but do you know that your action or in-action today will determine whether you are self made billionaire or self made Poor Man tomorrow. A wise man once said, "Your life flows in the direction of your dominant thoughts." "When You Want To Succeed As Bad As You Want To Breathe, Then You'll Be Successful." - Eric Thomas" Make up your mind to succeed, take action & you are already success bound....

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