What Men Go Through In Marriages


I saw this on Facebook and decided to post it here. Ladies respect your husband it's not easy. ON TOP ONE MAN HEAD: 1. NEPA don bring bill 2. Buy bread when u are coming 3. Buy Egg when u are coming 4. Gas don finish 5. Kerosine don finish 6a. Generator no gree start 6b. Buy fuel for generator when u are coming 7. Car don get flat tyre, e no gree start 8. School fees don show 9. DStv GOtv etc don stop to dey show 10. Dem come ask for vigilante money 11. Month don end for Lesson teacher 12. Biscuit and Happy Hour nko? 13. Dem go begin report the children to u as u dey entertain 14. If u never build, Landlord matter na madding 15. Dem go still shook hand for ur pocket pack d small change join.. 16. Tell u d pikin dey run temperature like say u be doctor... 17a. Buy them credit 17b. Buy them data 18. Not excluding Suya, Cat fish etc on some nights 19. Fridge, pressing iron, fan etc. go stop, another headache.. 20. Dem still wan go amusement park o on public holidays 21. How much be the salary sef.. I come go hospital for fever, doctor say I get High BP. How man no go get High BP.. On top all, you must not disappoint in the inner room.. My brothers in the house, let's take it easy. our lives matters. With or without us, life will continue. GOD Bless and be with all Men.

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