Need A Genuine Advice About My Spiritual Life


Good morning.. first of all, I apologize for any grammatical errors. I have strong desire to become a minister , the strong urge to serve God started last year, though I decided to join the ushering unit at my church which is going well ' still feels it's not a enough'. I told my neighbor that happens to be a pastor about this and the first questions to ask is (I'm being called), that moment I couldn't answer it. I believe there is a special way for God calling but I have some sign n revelations,the problem is I don't think is enough reason. (1) Back in school, I came out for a special prayer in church. The pastor was touching our head one by one but on getting to me he stopped and he said I have a call of God upon my life that it's a must for me to serve God.That was 3years ago (2) pple use to called me a pastor (I believe they were just joking tho) but it was getting to much to handle 'you look like a pastor,like a minister bla bla bla' There was a day a small boy around 4 or 5 yeras old called me pastor AY in our street ,that was the first time the boy spoke to me and I was convinced the didn't hear anything about it or heard it from someone. (3) I pass through rough times and still passing but I believe things will be good, but I don't want these experiences to just go without sharing it,turning it to to counselling and teaching ,some times I think of how i stand in front of congregation preaching, talking to my self. (4) I want to help pple in the future,the less privileged,sick ,prisoners and so on .in form of a foundation in fact I already have a name and logo for it ..what I need is just finance (5) pple seeks advice from me , relationship,business and some times spiritual life...and even all these things r not going well for me ,still wonder why they come to me ,tho mostly my appearance looks good and i makes jokes alot and pple thought my career n life is Okay but I'm suffering from depression for years now... In addition, I have heard many pple telling me both prophet and Alfa's telling me my destiny is very great that I will become as great that I will control large Number of pple PS ..... I'm still working on subduing my flesh completely to serve God ,I pray and fast about it,its very difficult I most say... My questions are these things enough to be convinced I'm meant to be a minister.....pls help me....I'm really bothered about it.

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