Redpill Vs Feminism? Why I Hate HOES


Feminism which believes in either gender equality or female supremacism (depending on which niche of feminism you’re looking at), The Red Pill rejects that women are equal or supreme to men, it believes traditional gender roles were the optimum roles for raising a family and continuing the genetic lineage of the species. It believes women need men to take charge, to bear the burden of responsibility and essentially “man up”, though not “man up” in the way feminists use the term to shame men, but in the essential essence that men need guidance which they’re not getting and that they need to overcome the effects of feminism by rejecting it, improving themselves and ultimately rising above it. On the self-improvement front, The Red Pill philosophy advocates fitness, being physically healthy and in shape, in order to teach discipline and a sense of self-worth (it’s evident from people who have only just turned up in the community that a lack of self-worth is often endemic in men who have yet to “take the pill. ”) The mantra of the philosophy is “to build value” in order to respect yourself and get respect from those around you.

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