Worst Cases Of Torture Against Househelps In Nigeria In 2020


Child abuse, child labour, torture and man’s inhumanity to maids is not peculiar to Nigeria. It is a challenge that even exists beyond Africa. However the alarming rate of increase in such incidents in Nigeria, especially against house helps, is becoming worrisome. In most cases, the maid’s parents promise to put kids in school when taking them from their parents but what eventually happens at the caretaker’s home is better imagined. Such incidents are either reported to human rights organizations or law enforcement agencies by who constantly witnessed the regular abuse of the housemaid or they are secretly recorded and exposed on social media. Here’s a list of top ten most heartless incidents of domestic torture against house helps in 2020. 10. Seven-year-old boy who was gruesomely beaten for eating food without permission 9. Woman inserts pepper into private part of a 14-year old 8. Couple torture houseboy over N100 akara 7. Six-year-old boy suffers fracture on his right leg after alleged torture by his aunt 6. Police in Ogun rescue six year old girl after her stepmother allegedly tortured her using nails 5. Eight-year-old boy burnt with electric iron by aunt for eating N50 groundnut 4. Woman arrested for allegedly torturing her househelp by burning her vagina and butt with lighter and inserting hot sticks before rubbing pepper in it 3. Lady pours hot water on 8-year-old house help for licking milk 2. Woman reportedly chops off her niece’s finger in Onitsha 1. Woman drives six-inch nail into maid’s skull, locks her up in toilet

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