Things I Wish I Knew As A Newbie Digital Marketer


Things I wish I knew as a Newbie Digital Marketer! This right here is a personal opinion and does not in anyway stand as the basis for becoming a Pro marketer. 1. Free courses usually don't help much: when I started learning digital marketing, I was more focused on free courses. The thing about free courses is that they don't take you deep into the subject of marketing, they merely teach you the basics of DM not advanced best practices ( free courses like Google digital marketing course won't take you anywhere )! 2. Don't start off as a freelancer : lol, this one cleared my eyes. Freelancing is for people who have mastered the craft not newbies! To build a better career in DM, you need to work on real-time projects in a structured organisation. When you work with organisations, you build good communication skills, time management, team collaboration, leadership skills and many more! 3. Attend conferences, webinars and seminars: How do you learn about new tools if you don't attend webinars/seminars. These trainings will expose you to new trends, connect you to people who are authorities in the field and help you expand your network. That's where most of your referral jobs will come from! 4. Buy paid courses: if you know anyone who's an authority in the field, buy their trainings and courses, this will open you up for their mentorship and give you access to their networks too. This is one of the best ways to grow a career in DM. 5. Teach and share your knowledge with others - you've heard the saying that "one learn better by teaching others" - that's it! 6. You might need a side hustle: Most marketers usually use their work-free periods to promote either their digital products or that of another. It's a very good source of income, if you're looking to earn more as a Newbie. It also serves as an opportunity to flex your marketing skills and measure your capacity. If you can't create your own products, then sign-up for affiliate marketing and start promoting other people's digital products!

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