Extra Income & Becoming Rich While You Are Working During COVID-19

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The true is that we are going to live with these COVID-19 for a while. weather you like it or not because the true is bitter to many of us. Do not allow any one to deceive that the coronavirus will disappear like fame of fire. Capital NO. You need to plan you self before it is too late, when you around you, few people are making there money now just because, they used every opportunities that come there way. You your thinking and be positive if you want to make it during the pandemic period. Is never too late to act. If you are looking for sources of income to hold you over until things pick up, you’re in luck. There are plenty of ways to make money during this current pandemic. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives, profession, economy, and lifestyle of millions globally. This pandemic has created an environment of job uncertainty among private-sector employees as pay cuts and job loss are common now. This battle of life and survival is going to last long as there is no antidote/vaccine for this contagious virus till now. So, what’s the option left to you? You can’t give up as there are dependents on you and you need to earn your family’s livelihood. So what’s next if you are among those who got terminated or are facing pay cut in this pandemic? Online Teaching When the school and colleges are shut during this pandemic, online teaching is becoming a trend. Education is a must for children and when they are supposed to be indoors, attending online lessons is the only option left for them. To make it as one’s earning source one can indulge in online video classes, online tuitions, special classes, webinars, or Zoom teaching applications to reach out to the huge number of students who crave for learning and more understandable lectures. Online selling If you are among the local vendors of clothes, utensils, plants, or anything else and currently you are ideally sitting at home due to the pandemic, you still have the chance to sell your products. Yes, you read it right, you can sell your manufacturing, shop products easily online connecting to the online shops such as Amazon, naijaworld Forum ( Nigerian Best first forum) and other small retain like Jumia,Jiji e.t.c

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