Charlie Charlie: All You Need To Know About This Trending Challenge

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“Charlie, Charlie, are you there? This is the newest and trending challenge that is currently making rounds on social media. Thousands of people in Nigeria have used the hashtag #CharlieCharlie in the last couple of hours while millions of people across the world have also joined the Charlie Charlie challenge. How did This Challenge Make Waves in Nigeria? It is not clear how the trending challenge entered the country but what we understand about Charlie Charlie is that it’s a kind of game that has been on since. The game requires you to balance two pencils on top of each other, after that, you must place it on paper and write Yes or No. Once this has been achieved, players will then ask a question which will determine the direction (Yes or No) Charlie will move the pencil. Some Nigerians who participated in the game claimed that the charlie charlie is demonic. What Is Charlie Charlie? Charlie Charlie is a kind of Ouija board game where players write “Yes and No” on a paper after two pencils have been placed on each other or crossed together on the paper. The player will divide one piece of paper into four quadrants and then indicate each side with either “Yes” or “No”. After that, one pencil will be placed on one line and another pencil will be placed on top of the other pencil and Player must now say “Charlie, Charlie, are you there ?” if Charlie gives “answer”, the pencil that is on top will move to one of the answers. This looks like a compass in a mathematical set. You can now begin to ask Charlie any other questions for example, “Charlie, I will pass my exam?” or “Charlie, I need money?” and so on. Origin of the Game Multiple information gathered from several tweets and reports revealed that the game is originated from Mexico. This may be true because a well known Mexican beer brand in Spanish wrote “Yes” and “No” on the body. Unconfirmed reports also revealed that the trending challenge game is as a result of a late Mexican child whose name is also Charlie while others claimed that it’s a Mexican demon or pagan god. Despite these claims, many people still believe that Charlie is a ghost or spirit from the pit of hell who can answer questions about whether your lover likes you or not. Reacting to the claims, BBC Mundo correspondent, Maria Elena Navez disclosed that there is no demon who bears Charlie in Mexico. She also described the challenge game as a traditional Mexican way to call people who have been dead and it’s just another way to hype it and make a strange sound.

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