Oredegbe Worldwide Association Empower Women With 150k In Ondo State


Update From NAIJA COVER . COM OREDEGBE worldwide association is a group that has taken it upon herself to support, empower and develop the community of women and young ladies of all demography from young to old, also, embark on various charity activities and community services. This group has helped and is still helping to stand as a popular base to draw a public opinion in the society, a voice for the voiceless. Oredegbe also stand and gives her backings to political office holders, and serve as a mediator for the general public. The progress of this group is owed to the support of all 'Oba Ile' successful children all over the world and in diasporas and other well wishers. 'Oba Ile' successful families implores us all that has left home for a long time and are still supporting this association should keep up the good work and do more in helping their fellow sisters, ladies and women. We should extend a more charitable hand and empower the less privileged. In conclusion, to every faithful and committed members of the OREDEGBE worldwide association, we use this opportunity to thank you for your support and continuous-relentless love. We implore the members of the public to be come join and be a part of something great. God bless OREDEGBE worldwide association. Facilitator: CEO, Akinola Olakunle (Oleyo).

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