Benefits Of Direct Shipping And Consolidation Shipping By Air

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Difference between Direct Shipping and Consolidation Shipping Although both Direct and Consolidation shipping services are very reliable ways of shipping parcels and items to Nigeria, they both have their separate characteristics. They are used in Air freight shipping for certain positive reasons, there are differences that you need to know. Some factors helps to determine which one to use for your shipment. They are as follows: 1. The types/nature of goods you are importing 2. The level of urgency 3. Your shipping cost 4. Suitability for different outfits (firms & individual) 5. and more. The stated differences between Direct Shipping and Consolidated Air Shipping gives us some special characteristics and benefits of Direct Shipping. You’ll also find some of the risks and benefits of Direct Shipping and consolidation shipping What is Direct Air Shipping? Direct Air shipping is a method of delivering imported goods directly to the customer without including cargos belonging to other importers. This is a direct contrast to consolidated shipping which requires loading smaller cargoes belonging to more people as one shipment. Some Benefits of Direct Shipping 1. No Shipping Delays: Individuals can ship their goods without any form of delay. Because it manifests on a separate Airway bill, it is delivered without wasting time. Unlike Consolidation shipping which usually takes time because shippers have to bring separate packages to make up a full pallet before they are delivered. However, Consolidation shipping reduces cost while Direct Shipping costs more. 2. Ideal Option for Bigger Firms: This method of shipping is mostly preferred for bigger firms like engineering firms, procurement firms, medical equipment shipping companies that need their packages and items within a short time, regardless of the cost. Some times, they do not require the involvement of middlemen, e.g. freight forwarder. It is unlike Consolidation shipping which is suitable for individuals, families and friends, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), e-commerce business, etc. 3. Less Product Damage and guaranteed security of Items: Since there is less handling of the products as goods move directly to the retailer without being bundled up with other gods, the result there is less product damage. Also, the security of the shipment is guaranteed. In consolidation shipping, this some times is not the case as some products may get damaged due to improper packing and combining processes. Conitnue reading......

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