That Drummer's Crazy Moment


1) That moment when you play some badass rolling on the drums and your guys (especially the ones that are not drummers) begin to hail you. You hear things like: Guy you too much. World best. Aaron spears dey learn for where you dey. I want to be like you when I grow up. God when? When will I become good like this guy? God when. Lol. If you hear this a lot, please don’t let it get to your head. They are your guys, they won’t always tell you the truth, even when you play bad. 2) That moment when you mess up by playing an incomplete roll (roll wey no reach the final destination i.e., the cymbals). You know you messed up but instead of taking the blame, you just had to look down on the pedals, shake your head, do your face somehow and continue. By shaking your head and doing your face somehow, in your mind you have sent a message of dissatisfaction with the drum pedal to ever is looking at you at that moment. Works all the time, doesn’t it? Lol. I can’t come and end my career with my own hands, someone or something must take the blame. 3) That moment when the lead singer decides to only sing worship, no praise. Crazy part is that you can’t even play to the worship songs. Imagine the singer singing Ekwueme and other songs with very slow rhythms. It can pain. You thought that was all and then you remember the choir will be ministering an accapela song (your service as a drummer is not needed at the moment). At least you have offering and hymns to play to. LOL. Make e no be like sey drummer no come church. 4) That moment you are told by the new music director (a foreigner) to play through a music sheet. Play what you see on the sheet. No addition, no subtraction, no rolls, just play what you see. And everything must be played on the 16th note. LOL. I know as musicians we should have an idea on how to read music sheet. But na naija we dey. Don’t come and confuse us. Forget music sheet, just give us the snippet of the beat with your mouth and we will take it from there. 5) That moment when you realize that as a drummer, you are not allowed to get tired. 2-3-4-5-6 hours of playing nonstop shouldn’t be a problem (it comes with the job). This is not football, where the tired players get substituted. In football, the player has no choice than to come out, even if he doesn’t want to. Drumming is not like that ooo, especially here in Nigeria. First no substitute and even if there is some else to help out, it is first come, first serve. 5 hours my guy still dey fire. Oya stand up make another drummer help you nah. Lia Lia. Naija drummers no dey tire (even on an empty stomach). The second drummer waiting is in pains (he can’t voice it out, but the thing dey pain my guy). But deep down the second drummer knows that if he by chance gets to play, he would do the same as the first guy, he won’t stand up. Lol. It is what it is. Not all drummers shaa, there are still some good and unselfish drummers (like me) out there.

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