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BUILD YOUR RELATIONSHIP Don't marry someone you are not attracted to both sexually, spiritually and otherwise. I mean, how can you marry someone that whenever you look at the person nothing moves you on the inside. Don't punish yourself unnecessarily, there is a law called '' attraction "if you don't find it in yourselves don't continue in that relationship Never lose who you are because you want to please them, if you force your way through them, you would eventually loose out. Those who truly value you won't let you go no matter what happens, invest only on those who walk the extra mile with you. Men are like babies they don't really know they are hurting you untill you speak and women are so vocal in words that are easily hurting too. Don't take any one's love for granted, even if you don't love them same,just be polite enough to tell them , it helps them heal faster and better, but never telling them and allowing them heal make them forgets that you ever came their way. Relationships are one of the strongest forces in life if built on the platform of love and understanding, trust and friendship, sincerity and honesty, strength and passion, perseverance and tolerance. Don't wait until after marriage before you sync your idealogies on sex, money, inlaws and personal marital intrest, trash these issues clearly before you enter, if you don't the results won't be friendly Relationship is all about mutual respect and transparency, its never easy but with patience and great virtues you can always win. When you love someone you work it out,  you wait for them and you live for them knowing that they are the god you admire on your domain. Vivsravine speaks © Or messenge me on Facebook on oparah ahunna vivian or jion my Facebook page on Vivsravine page for more on my write ups on life and relationships.

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