The Despicable Acts Happening In Mokwa, Niger State.


The despicable acts happening in Mokwa, Niger state, Nigeria currently is beyond what every sensible society can tolerate in this age and time. I have about four horrible videos that were sent to me. Of women whose clothes were removed and made to fight each other. There are men who were completely stripped naked too and made to throw sands in each other’s eye, one of them was forced to urinate in another man’s mouth and made to gulp the urine. All these people are accused of witchcraft by a guy that I suspect is mentally deranged. His name is Hassan, allegedly from Patigi, Kwara state. Another one is a naked man that was paraded and violated to confess and mention of the people he has killed with witchcraft. There is another old woman who should be about 80 years old that was beaten and a stun gun was used to deliver electric shock on her to confess that she is a witch. These are some of the despicable things happening in my home town right now. I have taken screenshots from the videos and attached here. The guy claims he cures people miraculously. If you are hypertensive, having stroke, paralyzed, blind or suffer from other eye related diseases, have diabetes or any kind of disease he would cure it. The paralyzed ones would walk. The deaf and dump would be made to hear and talk. Couples who have been to conceive would conceive even without having sex and my people have fallen deeply for this scam. I have been personally involved to send people to interview those he claimed were healed and none is true. He even instructs some people to stop taking their medications if they want his miracles to work. This guy gathers people in thousands everyday in a time the Federal Government and Niger state government is fighting to curb the spread of Covid-19. They will be gathering today, tomorrow and next tomorrow to continue this flagrant abuse and violation of fundamental human rights in the name of witchcraft and miraculous healing. I call on all human right organizations and activists to intervene for my people who have fallen for this inhuman and deplorable act of violence against innocent people by Hassan and his enablers. I call on Niger State Government to intervene and arrest the ugly situation and ensure that Hassan and his enablers face the full wrath of law. Please help us share this to the people in power or with influence in order to protect the poor and vulnerable women and men and uphold the dignity of human life. Please help us call attention of anyone within your reach that can help us bring an end to this.

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