Nigerians Recount Improvements In Tech Space,commend VP Osinbajo’s Contribution

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#MicrosoftNaija: Nigerians recount improvements in country’s tech space, commend VP Osinbajo’s contributions Some Nigerians have taken to Twitter to recount the nation’s advancements in the technology space which has enabled companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Huawei, and Google improve and increase their operations in the country. Case in point, Google set up an office in Nigeria, increased fiber cables to cover a wide range of services and networks, including cloud services etc, a step that will help reduce minimally the unemployment rate in the country especially in a nation blessed with youthful tech gigs. A recent GSMA report stated that, since 2016, the number of active tech hubs across Africa has grown by over 50% from 314 in 2016 to over 442 in 2018 and it is stated that Nigeria alongside four Africa countries, are housing 450 of these hubs with Nigeria atop the list with 55, making her the largest in the Africa tech system. Commenting on the subject matter, a Twitter user, @bisuclef said the Microsoft investment will benefit the nation as a whole. ‘’This is a PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT! #MicrosoftNaija is promising some big tech investment in #Nigeria thanks to VP Osinbajo's new feat in ensuring young Nigerians benefit in more ways than one in ICT generally’’, he added. In a similar note, Moh1Prince talked about when the Facebook office will be open in Lagos, Nigeria. “Facebook Lagos office is scheduled to open in H1 2021 and will house several teams including sales, partnerships, policy and communications. The Facebook office will complement other activities the company runs in Nigeria including tech hub and engagement activities with SMEs,” he said. Tise Jay recalled when Osinbajo told Huawei’s Nigeria’s CEO that he wanted tech jobs for Nigerians not just training. “#MicrosoftNaija also reminds me of the when Osinbajo met with Huawei Nigeria's CEO Trevor Liu. “We want tech jobs for young Nigerians. Let's see something that gives young people more than training, give them some opportunity as well - VP Osinbajo,” she stated. Kate Nnaji cited a meeting between VP Osinbajo and Jack Ma on his first visit to Nigeria. ‘’Throwback to Jack Ma visit to Nigeria. This is my first time visiting Nigeria and I came to Nigeria on the invitation of VP Osinbajo who wants me to explore investment opportunities in the country, we want to invest in major ‘’E’’ areas in the country; E-infrastructure, E-education, E-governance, and E-entrepreneurship,” she stated. Ngoamazing reiterated the efforts of the VP who has been resilient in building a sustainably balance economy. “#MicrosoftNaija is happening because VP Osinbajo has been building and sustaining our economy significantly through technological advancement and establishments since 2017”, he said. TripleXthree expatiated on the promise made by Microsoft in the operations of the Economic Sustainability Plan. “Microsoft has promised to increase operations in the country and help support the Nigerian government’s ESP. Nigerians can also support the plan by keying into the various schemes and above all STAY MASKED,” he said. In a similar tweet, Ekitiketakan1 explained how Microsoft is offering support for the digital transformation of the implementation of the Economic Sustainability Plan. “Microsoft is now offering to support for the Digital Transformation pillar of the Federal Government’s ESP. There have been active partnerships between Nigerian start-ups business and some US tech firms, assuring Nigerians that more investment is expected to pour in. Nigerian start-ups got a chance to pitch their products to tech sector investors, that was very good, in fact before we left Silicon Valley, one of our venture platforms was able to sign a deal of about $10m with the Nigerian US Council, even before we left’’ he explained. MustaphaOlatu19 cited how Facebook partnered with Airtel and other tech companies in deploying 800km fibre cables across Nigeria enabling her to become a cloud service provider and data service centre in Africa. “In 2018, Facebook partnered with Airtel Africa, Bandwidth and Cloud Service Group, to deploy 800km fibre cables across Nigeria, making the nation become prominent for cloud services providers and a leading data centre in Africa. Facebook has 27.5 million Nigerian users of the 131 million users on the African continent,” #MicrosoftNaija. The comments show that Nigerians are beginning to appreciate the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo's impact in the advancement of the country's tech space especially with the influx of the tech giants he is attracting. This is unprecedented as we have never experienced such impeccable steps towards making our nation number one in digital technology development in Africa.

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