Anambra State In A Serious Financial Mess.


*MY HEART BLEEDS FOR ANAMBRA STATE.* FINALLY, THIS IS HOW APGA HAS SQUANDERED THE STATE RESOURCES AND NOTHING IS LEFT. THEY HAVE RESORTED TO SELLING OFF ALL ANAMBRA STATE ASSETS. Finally, Anambra State is in a serious trouble. How did we get here. First was squandering of over 75 Billion Naira left by Governor Peter Obi. The second squandering was the embzellement of $150 Million Dolllars that was deposited in Fidelity Bank, Acess Bank and the defunct Diamond Bank. The squandering continues with the Local Government Funds for the past 7 years now. Yet, nothing to show for it. The State Allocations for the past 6 years is not measurable with the developments in the State. Anambra State is broken into pieces. Where is Prof. Soludo, who out of desperation lied to Ndi Anambra that State is not broken, why are we amendjng it. Please We want you to come and see the Statistics and tell us if it is not broken into pieces. The State is in a big financial quagmire. My people,The debt profile of Anambra State is alarming. How did we get here. My heart is bleeding for the generation unborn. The worse part is there is nothing on ground to justify this mindless debt profile for a state that was debt free on 17th of Match 2014. As at 17th March, 2014 no contractor was being owed by the State, but as at today many of the contarctors are being owed and are dying. Take a look at Anambra State Debt Profile as at December, 2020. DOMESTIC; +1,949% growth 2014: N2.88B 2015: N3.58B 2016: N3.99B 2017: N2.61B 2018: N33.49B 2019: N33.92B 2020: N59.01B EXTERNAL; +157% 2014: $45.15m 2015: $60.78m 2016: $62.88m 2017: $85.92m 2018: $107.04m 2020: $115.89m Sep & Jun #StatiSense DMO These Statistics are from Debt Management office. This is not they say they say. This is Anambra State situation as at December, 2020. After Squandering all the money in the treasury, they are now selling govt assets. All the legacy properties that would have been developed or re-designed are being sold. If Anambrians allow this to happen, then let it be on record that there is no Man born of a woman in this State. Enough is Enough. Why are you silent while all these imported Houston Government officials rape the Economy of this State. It is now on records and Prosterity will judge APGA and Governor Obiano that They came into Power, they saw a State that was well planned and Governance was well laid out, but APGA squandered all that was left for us by Our Founding Fathers. Ndi Anambra, arise and stand out. Anambrians should not allow this to happen. It is time to speak out. *See the Properties that were mapped out for Sales on Vangaurd of today.* �������� I am Paschal Candle.

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