Cost Of Raising 200 Layers In Nigeria With Profit Amount

source: poultryfarmguide

The Nigerian poultry industry has grown steadily since the ban on poultry imports in 2003. The industry is estimated at ₦80 billion ($600 million) and is comprised of approximately 165 million birds which produced 650, 000 MT of eggs and 290,000 MT of poultry meat in 2013. Poultry keeping is one of the most profitable businesses in the Nigerian agricultural sub-sectors. However, high input costs have caused flock expansion to effectively ceased, especially the high cost of poultry feeds and day-old chick (DOC). Despite the high input costs, you can maximize your profits with proper marketing strategies, poultry management, and feasibility study on costs and profits. The feasibility study will not only serve as a template for a good saving plan but also a guide on your expenditures Here, I am will walk you through a cost/profit estimate for rearing 200 layers in Nigeria. The first stage will be on Cost amount for 200 layers, and second stage on Profit amount from 200 layers. Get a pen, a piece of paper and a calculator let get down to business. To continue read, click the link below

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