Something Important About The Woman And The Man


Do you know that majority of the time the word “WOMAN” was is mentioned in the Bible, it’s always something negative? The body of Christ was never referred to as a woman in the Bible. Sometimes it’s referred to as a wife (Rev 19:7 kjv), a bride (Rev 21:2,9; John 3:29 kjv), a chaste virgin (2 Cor 11:2 kjv), a glorious church (Eph 5:27). So Man, be careful how you treat that woman. There’s a reason the Bible commands the husband to love his wife. Even if she doesn’t submit, still love her, and don’t be bitter towards her, and let God handle her. Just do what the Bible commanded because obedience is the greatest form of worship. But if she tries to hinder you from serving the Lord, then get rid of her. Why? If the Bible says something, and she says something different, she is wrong. Woman, be careful how you conduct yourself because you’re more susceptible to being used by the devil. You say why? Because you’re the weaker vessel, and you’re driven by emotions. That’s why the Lord commands you to be submissive to your husband. You need double protection. To be protected by God and your Husband. Why? Women have a problem with lust. They love themselves and pleasure a lot. You need to be protected from the devil, the world, and yourself. If you refuse to submit to your husband by being a jezebel, you’re simply saying that what the Lord commanded you to do is dirty. (And of course you’ll definitely have your day in court to prove to the Lord that His words were dirty). Now the devil is busy getting rid of fathers from homes, while promoting single motherhood. You say why? Women tend to mistake the love the Bible talks about with tender love that they have. Every thief, drug dealer and prostitute in this country is still being loved and supported by their mothers (despite knowing what their children does for a living) because they bring back returns that satisfies their lusts. Some fathers have been swerved by their wives to accept these foolishness in the name of being progressive. The father is supposed to instill discipline at home, and rebuke and correct that child, but he allows the devil to get at him through his wife. If a mother truly loves that child, she should warn him or her about Hell. Men, you’re naturally driven by your head, and not emotions. Men have become so emotional these days, all acting like little girls, while mothers are busy teaching their sons how to show emotions. Young lady, why are you in a relationship with a thief (including yahoo boys) or a covetous man? It’s because he satisfies your lustful desires. Why? If I as a man live with another man who is a thief for 5 years, I might not know he is a thief. But if a woman lives with a thief for a week, she will definitely know he is a thief or suspect something fishy. The Bible called you a silly woman in (2 TIM 3:6 kjv) for being led captive by such men because you should know better. Tomorrow you’ll come out on social media and be crying while accusing the man. Such a messed up time to live in this present evil world. May God help us.

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