Flared Leggings Vs Yoga Pants: What's The Difference?

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We've seen this debate on the Internet recently, and we still have no answer. What are flared leggings in the first place? Are flared leggings and yoga pants the same thing? Has there ever been any difference in the first place? We're all confused. We can instantly call out similarities. Yoga pants and leggings - flared or not - have both been staples in activewear, and recently, in streetwear trends. They're both quite flattering and fashionable! However, we become a bit lost with the differences. Don't we use yoga pants and leggings to refer to the same thing? This article has identified the problem and has some answers. Read on to find the distinctions between the two! What Are Yoga Pants? Before we dive into anything else, let's first distinguish the yoga pants and Natural Yoga Leggings. We have yoga pants up first. So, what makes yoga pants different from leggings? The fabric, first of all, is different. Yoga pants' material is typically thicker and more opaque. The material can be from different fabrics or fabric blends: nylon, polyester, cotton, and bamboo. Though we typically see yoga pants as casual wear today, their original purpose is in their name: yoga. Of course, it's not strictly for yoga alone. People also use yoga pants for a whole host of other athletic activities, like gym workouts, Pilates, or home exercises. As manufacturers designed yoga pants for athletic purposes, these pieces of clothing offer comfort and a free range of motion. They have some stretch in the material that allows you to move as you like. You're secure with waistbands either made with elastic or featuring drawstrings. They can be wide and double-layered as well. Yoga pants are looser than leggings, though they are still form-fitting. They don't hug your calves the same way leggings do. They are typically snug at the waist and flare out when the material reaches your knees. Leg cuts vary. We have straight, bootcut, flared, and even slim-cut designs. Yoga pants took the fashion world by surprise when people started wearing them with boots. People wore yoga pants not just to the gym, but to casual events and even the workplace. Thus, we see yoga pants everywhere today! What Are Leggings? Leggings, meanwhile, have thinner and more elastic material. Like yoga pants, leggings have different kinds of fabric and even fabric blends. We have regular types of fabric: cotton, polyester, nylon, and wool. Designers and manufacturers use spandex, elastane, and lab-grown fabrics for more stretch in your leggings. Different blends come into play for their features, such as UV protection and breathability. Some leggings are too sheer to be worn alone. This sheerness is a part of where its infamous controversy originated! Many people consider leggings not as pants, but underwear. People who wear leggings have pushed back. To this day, arguments still surround leggings, and people challenge various levels of appropriateness. Unlike yoga pants, leggings' origins are for military use. Leggings protected shoes from dirt and mud while providing an ample amount of support. It was in the 1950s that leggings made their way into women's modern fashion. Iconic artists that we can credit the rise of leggings to are Audrey Hepburn and Olivia Newton-John. Yes, fashion came first! Now, we know leggings as activewear staples. The rise of Jane Fonda workouts at the time helped its activewear status. Leggings are both comfortable and fashionable. They're an alternative to most pants we use day-to-day. While manufacturers emphasize comfort and support with compression material and elasticity, they still prioritize figure-flattering properties. Leggings, unlike yoga pants, are form-fitting from waist to ankle. Some employ tummy-flattening waistbands or butt-enhancing designs. Sculpting leggings also exist for shapewear purposes. Many people also value leggings to aid cellulite. Leggings are used either in reducing their appearance through compression or keeping them out of the way. Like yoga pants, they also come in various styles. Lengths vary. You can choose from the ankle, knee, or calf-length leggings. Leg cuts also differ: straight, bootcut, and yes, flared leggings. So, Is There Such a Thing as Flared Leggings? Yes, there are. Leggings have had different evolutions that span centuries. We've got different colors, hues, and styles - we even have wearable technology forms of leggings. It only naturally follows that we have different leg cuts for leggings. You can look for these leggings in online shops and stores. Could People Mistake Flared Leggings as Yoga Pants? They could be! That is where we all started, anyway. We believe the whole debate stemmed from yoga pants being wrongfully called "flared leggings." Both are two different pieces of clothing whose differences we've outlined above. Another factor to blame is that we often use yoga pants and leggings interchangeably. No one's at fault for this, however. Both yoga pants and flared leggings are comfortable and functional pieces of activewear. They have also come far in terms of fashion, styling, and recent trends. They've also called the same controversy regarding being too tacky or vulgar to be worn outside. While there's still some criticism and controversy regarding both leggings and yoga pants, we thankfully live in the time of athleisure. Both pieces of clothing have broken down barriers regarding what's appropriate to wear to different events. The Final Word We've got the verdict: yoga pants are different from flared leggings. Distinctions happen to blur as we're used to using these terms interchangeably. So, if you happen to chance upon another person calling yoga pants flared leggings, you have the opportunity to correct them. Or just let it slide! As long as people use both forms of activewear to stay comfy or exercise at home, fashion categories don't matter. Live and let live, people. And grab your favorite leggings while you're at it for maximum comfort. We hope this guide cleared all your confusion up! Do you agree or disagree? Was there anything we missed in this article? Leave personal experiences and your distinctions between flared leggings and yoga pants in the comments below.

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