Direct Rulings Of Qur'anic Inheritance Verses: Part 1


Bismillāhi Raḥmāni Raḥīm *Date: 6th Rajab, 1442 A. H /18th February, 2021* *Subject: Al-Farā’id (The Islamic Law of Inheritance)* *Lesson: 116* *Topic: The Direct Rulings of Qur'anic inheritance Verses (Masa'il Ayàt Al-Mawàrith):Part 1* As-Salām Alaykum Warahmatullāh Wabarakātuh, Dear Participants, Today, insha Allah we are looking at the direct rulings of Qur'anic inheritance verses as regards property inheritance and acquisition of Quranic heirs (Ashab Al-Furud) as revealed by Allah in Surah al-Nisa'i. It must be noted that the core Qur'anic inheritance verses that stipulated the quotas and heirs are verses 11, 12 and 176. These verses had given rulings on what to be inherited by father, mother, husband, wife, male and female children, uterine, consanguine and full siblings (brothers and sisters) in different forms. These forms are as follow: *1. Husband's inheritance in two forms: (a)half of the property when the wife has no child/children or grandchildren (b) One-fourth of the property if the wife left behind child/children or grandchildren* *2. Wife's Inheritance in two forms: (a) inheritance of One-fourth if the husband has no child/children or grandchildren (b) one-eighth of the property if the husband has child/children or grandchildren* *3. Children inheritance in there forms: (a)Unto a female child a double portion of what is given to a female child (b)If they are female children above two, they will jointly inherit two-third of the property (c) if the heir a single female child, she inherits half of the whole property* In the next class insha Allah, , we shall look at the inheritance forms of the father, mother and deceased's siblings as inferred from the Quranic inheritance verses. Jazākumullāhu Khayran for reading today’s lesson. *Yours in Islām* *©Busari Muhammad Jamiu (Abū ‘Ᾱishah)* *The Founder/Instructor* *Lagos, Nigeria.* *,* ** Facebook: Telegram: LinkedIn: Twitter: YouTube Channel:

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