Top 5 Reasons Why I Hate Nigerian Girls.


1. They're horrible pretenders! They pretend too much. They like to beat about the bush on everything. They're never direct and straight to the point! Especially on sex. These girls masturbate a lot! But you see them doing like priest inside church forming holier than thou! Some even love sex more than males but you see them pretending like they don't like anything sexual. 2. Their Stupid Sense Of Entitlement! This one just annoys me the most! These witches are so parasitic in nature that once they find a host, you're long gone before you even say ah. They feel they should be paid for being in a relationship. They have their own money and saving but want the guy to foot every bill like he's some kind of robot. Tufia! 3. They're So Rude & Proud! These girls are so proud and stupid and most come from nothing! They have absolutely nothing! It's even the ones from poor wretched homes that have the most pride and are the most stupid ones. 4. Vaginal Odour! This should have even been number 1 on the list! They're so dirty especially does yoruba girls! Chai! They never wash their vaginas when bathing! These girls can even eat where there's feaces all around! Very dirty creatures like this! . Some can even wear pants for weeks. These are the factors contributing to their horrible vaginal Odour! Very bad! And on top all these, they still be forming. 5. Very Poor Communication Skill. Even after some girls collect your own number, to just chat like a normal person is so hard for them. Some even wait for you to start the chat first. After everything, they can't even use normal english to chat. You see them using "kk" in every message, which one is "kk". Mad people.

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