Get Financial Statements With Only Your Bank Statements


Hello everyone, happy new year. I have observed that most businesses have been deprived of loans, grants & other sources of funding for their business due to lack of financial statements. This challenge can be resolved by just presenting the bank statement of your business from inception in a Microsoft excel format(preferably). Please find below the methodology; 1. Send an email to with the bank statements attached. In the body of the email, include your company name and the phone number of the contact person when we need to make inquiries. 2. There will be meetings via Zoom or physical presence following COVID-19 protocols. 3. The financial statements can be presented monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on your requirements. 4. The components of the financial statements are Statement of Comprehensive Income (Profit or Loss Account), Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) and Statement of Cashflow. Other reports include Trial balance and General Ledger spool showing details of all the transactions posted. 5. There will be a cut-off date. We also know that some business maintain the same bank account for both their business and personal needs. We will have to separate them & that is the reason for the meetings. Fee: The fee is 50,000 naira minimum and it can be higher depending on the volume of work that needs to be done. Please note that this exercise is an account clean up exercise. If you want financial statements on monthly basis after the cut-off date, we will have to negotiate that. Thank you & anticipating your patronage.

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