Why Is A Journalist Our Minister Of Education?

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I just went through this Mallam's bio and I was like... WHAT! In a county with thousands of professors and Emeritus, is this our best? He is not even one of the best journalist of his generation. His only leverage was that he once worked with Buhari in PTF. And don't tell me he is a polyglot that speaks 5 languages. Just take a look at the languages Are serious at all in this country at all? This dude knows little about education. He's going to be there for 8 years now, and I can't place my hands on one notable achievement. Please, if you know any, help me. And we wondered why our education is always in regression? The least we should have as Ministers in a Ministry like Education is a renowned professor ( preferably in the field of Education) Nigerians, we really need to sit down and tell ourselves the truth because, as a nation we are not making any progress with these sets of political leaders. Let's discuss.

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