Figth Without Remorse


FIGHT WITHOUT REMORSE Figth my memories and giving away my mistakes the pains they make us endure timelessly. Dreams end but realities are waiting for you the next moment, how true they face you. Living a fantasy, they will stop at nothing but we got strong bliss but we didn't crack, very talented and beautiful and tactful. Remodeling my dreams like I was transferred to asylum. Dramatic it was but they felt the next place is hell but I got them ready for a worse episode. Without doubts we all fall sooner than later, strange affection shroud and efficient but we won't go down with them. We lost our minds, confused our realists with lies, but no one turned us against anyone, they live next to the devil. There is a very little hero in everyone, a message is from the source, I told my own story even before the event happened, like a haze weather I lost my vision. A project I was proud of but I  waited for my lost strength, the trauma and the rules are the benefits we lived with, so holistic but our will to excel and tell our stories the way it is. Be who you are and not what you are conditioned to,don't let anyone make you feel less of yourself, go beyond their thoughts, wow them with mystery and surround them with their own folly. Survive admits all odds, if you must be peaceful be the headache that troubles their souls, make them restless and tensioned at the mention of your name. Make the nights of pains go away by allowing moments of peace and give them an edge of extinction with a prove of loyalty while you smile without remorse. Vivsravine speaks © Or messenge me on Facebook on oparah ahunna vivian or jion my Facebook page on Vivsravine page for more on my write ups on life and relationships.

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