What And Where Is Middle-belt


middle belt in nigeria it is nothing new to hear about these midlebelt vs northern Nigeria saga.today I want to ask naijaworlders to please simply contribute without insult or bigotry about these midlebelt of a thing.by now we have been hearing about midlebelt all over the country.the problem now is that there is no exact agreed region for these project. even the middlebelters have not agreed on the location of this entity. for easy understanding I have divided it into different point of views base on multiple claims. let look at these claims shall we. -polical middlebelt: these is the middle belt most politicians are claiming. according to the claim the whole of north-central is the region called middlebelt. the problem with these claim is that a large part of the inhabitants don't identify themselves as midlebelt. kwara is a dominant Yoruba state with significant fulani. kogi is a mixture of Yoruba,ibura,igala and okon who have never identify themselves as middlebelt.niger is a mixture of nupe,gbagi and fractions of hausa but have never called themselves midlebelt.so far only benua and plateau have actually called themselves middlebelt.what these means is that some minority like southern kaduna and southern taraba are left out. religious midlebelt: these is a claim that any region in the whole north that is Christian majority is a midlebelt region regardless of the shape of landmass , map or political inclination.these include southern kaduna,the whole of benue, plateau( minus wase and jos north),taraba(minus the whole of taraba central), Christian dominated areas of abuja, Christian areas of bauchi,adamawa,kwara,nassarawa and all other non Muslim mejority areas. the problem now is that the region/map is insignificant, baseless and foamless. how can you handpick tafawa balewa in bauchi and join it with benue,or pick wukari, and join it with southern kaduna. on the other hand, muslims claim that since region is used that means Muslim areas like wase, jos north, and Muslim areas in benue should not be part of it. considering the fact that there is still argument about Christian dominated areas brings about alot of questions instead of answers. Theophilus danjamas midlebelt: according to the former minister of defence, midlebelt is anywhere that does not have hausa or fulani as core indigenes.these means even borno is part of his midlebelt plan.no wonder some are claiming that hausa and fulani are minorities in north.the problem with these classification is that most part of the regions he calims are midlebelt didn't agree with it.borno, adamawa, Niger,kwara,kogi have never accepted that claim. hausa-fulani midlebelt: these is the version of midlebelt the core arewa actually claims. according to the hausa and fulani people midlebelt can only be given to a set of people who accepted and agreed with it Rather than forcing an identity on them. these means only areas that have openly claimed the midlebelt identify will be identified as such. these inlucde benue,plateau, and southern kaduna every other region is not part of it except they openly agreed and accepted that identity. with possible restructuring, or creation of more states coming, it will be a good idea to fix this confusion ones and for all.

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