Originals Or Fakes? – How To Spot Fake Fashion Items?

source: sellingplaza

If you are the type who invests in high quality designer clothes and fashion items like shoes, bags, belts and more, you are going to love what I am going to show you on this article. The infographic presented here will help you identify the genuine of the fake product. We all know what a Louis Vuitton bag looks like, but can you spot a Louis Vuitton replica handbags when it's mixed in with a bunch of genuine goods? A Gucci wallet will surely impress your next date, but can you tell when you are holding the real and not the fake? When you slip on your pair of Prada shoes, you'll surely get some looks the next time you attend a business meeting, but make sure you've invested your hard-earned money in the real McCoy. For all you know, the one you are wearing is a fake. You can throw away your worries now. Just be sure to study the tips below. The infographic is viewed by Neo Mammalian Studios and published by London Is The Reason.

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