Hilarious Stories With Raw Yarns: Official Mess


E get some mess wey go make you confess ya sins ��� I say I sit down with one babe for office, we dey work..mess dey hold me but I think of the home I come from and the son of whom I am, I no gree mess, I dey hold am...make I no go embarrass my lineage Small time, one bad demonic breeze enter my nose...i check my yansh, my mess still dey there, where this weapon of destruction come from?...i ask my spirit if na him mess....Eledami, shewo lo dara?..e say No...i no talk. I come notice say anytime that demonic breeze come, the babe dey raise her yansh come my side....Walai the babe nyaso pami nisha ����� and me dey hold my own ����� She go lift her yansh to my side mess...the thing dey enter my nose mask from their enter my nose inside my brain. E be like menthol, fine babe oh, na brain I dey use smell the mess...from person wey I dey respect � The babe continue, she dey raise her yansh to my side dey drop the silent bomb..i no fit take am again I just tap her and say....Sheni Asthma?...she say No..i say good Naso she shift her yansh to my side again...na fire for fire we do this round Me sef shift my yansh go her side.....pour out my mind through my yansh, na 5mins non-stop I take mess the mess, mess wey I dan hold for hrs, my own mess push her own go back into her yansh come fall for her nose..she scream oooooorooo!! come fall for her chair ����� The sys wey she dey take work reboot ��������. She sniff the air come say....otiyimomilowo oh (Dem dan change am for me)��������..obumilowo!...she look me say, Boda mi emabinu , na me dey mess before but this particular one, kinshemi mo ya...(o be me do this one)..i know where e come from, na you...abeg no vex... na the beans I chop this morning scatter my stomach, I no go do am again, make we end am like that... I laugh ������ You think say na only you get rotten belle ba, me wey dey chop 7days beans with eyin awo ����

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