Left-wing Accelerationist View


According to the left-wing accelerationist view, the current Western neoliberal educational sociology has failed to grasp the core issues of educational technology, and even evaded the revolutionary and liberating potential of educational technology to some extent. It simplifies and neutralizes technology, and then equates the standard for measuring school educational technology with the demand for accelerated capital proliferation, leading to the need for school curricula to continuously present the aesthetics and landscape of speed, and the educational sociology of technology is transformed into the educational politics of technology. Learning, lost its inherent social development. From the post-modern educational technology view to the multiple educational technology view, the capital position of technology is constantly recurring in this "neutral" form. The educational sociology of technology is fundamentally missing a theory of value, and the research on educational technology shows A kind of relativism. Some scholars pointed out that activities such as TED speeches and creative festivals usually presuppose that capitalism and digital technology can release unlimited future prosperity and create endless high-paying jobs. In fact, educational technology is not neutral, but is shaped to serve certain specific purposes. From the perspective of left-wing accelerationism, the neutral view of educational technology cannot truly liberate the social productive forces of educational objects. It is only a cunning scheme to transform the capitalist acceleration logic into an educational technology standpoint.

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